Shadrach Survival Knife

This design collaboration with Grady Burrell of Master Proven is one of the best survival knives on the planet.


First of all..We have added a Fire Starter Rod (Ferrocerium) held in by two o-rings, then cord wrapped with FIRE CORD to assist with starting fires in any situation. The chisel edge makes it so you can sharpen it with very little practice. The edges of the handle are aggressive enough to where it’s comfortable in your bare hands but grips a gloved hand like a snapping turtle!

  1. Starts fires
  2. Comes with our Hand Made Kydex Sheath, Belt Clip, and Ball Chain for Neck Carry.
  3. Fire Cord can be used as tinder, make a spear, or several other (paracord) uses
  4. Wedge grind can skin, do simple chores, split wood, open cans, other tough Chores
  5. Self Defense

MSG Grady Burrell’s extensive work in the knife industry coupled with his military survival skills, not to mention he lives in one of the coldest regions of Alaska, we felt this was a tool we’d like to share. Did we mention how sharp this little sabre-tooth is? You can try all you like to abuse this little beast but in the end you are just going to be tired and the Shadrach is still going to be strong and sharp! Quote ” I have used this knife to skin and gut two Arctic Grey Wolves and a Lynx and it will still shave.” The Shadrach is the must have” tool for your survival kit or your bug-out bag. We are happy to report that after a year of testing by a few of our most avid outdoors-men we’ve selected the “Shadrach” as our recommended survival neck knife.

Once you get one in your hands you’ll be back to order another…so save yourself the extra shipping and buy one for yourself and one for your bug-out bag or a friend.

We are Grateful to OFFGRID Magazine for the fantastic Article by Patrick McCarthy .

This is NOT the article but an excerpt from the article that tells what Ferrocerium is and how it works.

Please pick up a copy at Borders and other major outlets. The article date is November 2016.

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