Aerospace Titanium barrel. Bolt-operated ballpoint.
Refills with any PARKER QUINKflow (or equivalent) cartridge



Overall length: 5.15 inches (129.5mm)
Diameter:  0.395-inches (10mm)</br>

FINALLY! I am delighted to release the Thundebolt GO PEN.

I have been working to deliver this new design for several months. My goal was to make a great writing instrument with a non-threatening appearance to blend into almost any working environment.  If you need it to perform in other ways though, it can definitely go to bat for you.

The bolt follows an ergonomic path while you engage/disengage it with your thumb. The Thunderbolt is slim and light and deploys with ease.

This pen takes any PARKER QUINKflow (or commercial equivalent) cartridge so you have many tip and ink refill options.

Anodization is done individually on each pen, right here in my shop.  Each treatment is unique and no two patterns can ever be identical.


~ Darrel Ralph
St. Louisville, Ohio