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AAM Bali build

Blade length discussion! Post your comments on the DDR CUSTOM KNIFE forum on FB


Here is a look at the new DDR MOAB. Our books are open at www.darrelralph.com for orders! We make this knife in a EDC at a very affordable price all the way to a full Engraved version! The MOAB has our Latest builds that are fantastic!

The Dominator 35. The knife that is setting the new bar for Mid Tech Knives

Darrel Ralph Designs has finally introduced a Mid Tech Knife. We waited until we were happy with the quality. We feel we address many of the design properties of advancement in this line of knives. We offer a steel lock insert for a lifetime of reliability. \Next we addressed the finishes. We offer this knife in finishes ranging from EDC to mirror polished blades and handles. We offer Lasered designs also like this PATRIOT model in the video. We were told at the show that this offering would project DDR into the Mid Tech Knife arena with a Huge SPLASH!


The Hampton is the ultimate writing tool! We make it a light weight, unique, pen with a space pen cartridge that write anywhere-anytime. Check out our new White Pearl Flake, Pink Pearl Flake, and Pink Paisley designs for Ladies. These pens were designed by Sharon Ralph.

DDR SM100 Dominator XI

DDR SM100 Dominator XI We show the great fit and finish and how our knives with this material opens perfectly. We have heard of many issues with the detents and grumbly blade opening problems. We have eliminated this issue in our knives. Take a look! DDR

DDR S3 Dominator

S3 specialEdition

DDR AOD (Absence Of Doubt) folding knife

New DDR AOD KNIFE‼️. Quality, Confidence, Stability, Reliability, and Cool Factor are what you feel when you carry the New DDR AOD (Absence Of Doubt)..... The New DDR AOD custom knife is one of the best designed and toughest on the market. contact ian@darrelralph.com


Each of our DDR GO PENS are made in Our facility in TEXAS USA. The patent on this pen is done over several days via a slow process to assure the quality of the etch. Each pen is unique and a treasured collectible that will serve you for years to come. We use only the space pen cartridge or refills that will exchange with it. We also offer our logging service via a laser etch.

DDR Dominator Action and awesome fit and finish

Smooth Action Of or DOMINATOR XI

Marking our Copper Ship Wreck DDR GO PEN

We can put many logos on these

DDR Dominator XI Albino

Daily Best DDR DDR Dominator Xl. Albino. This video from talonedc shows the flipping action, beefy construction, and attention to detail that we put into our knives at DDR. Please note: we don't make mid tech knives. Our knives are made in our shop in Texas USA. We make the parts, grind the blades and do the work here in our shop. We don't buy parts and assemble knives. There is a difference!! ‼️Tag us with your Best DDR picture. If it's the best we will repost it. ...... CREDS ::: @talonedc This knife build was his Dream Dominator. Ask for your dream knife build!

Copper CB battle worn DDR GO PEN

Dominator Carbon Fiber

This is a look at the DDR Dominator carbon fiber

New steel lock interface for the Dominator knife

Here is the test that we did.

Retro Maxx 5.5

We are now adding this knife to the line up!! We have it with a Damascus blade or SS s30v or optional blade steel.

V82 Holey Moley butterfly knife Bali

Titanium butterfly knife to V 82 DDR butterfly knives with the Maxx glide pivot bearing system. NLT pivot adjustment system adjustable latch

Proto GunHammer 3.5 titanium smooth frame

This is our latest build on a thin 3D smooth frame lock Gun Hammer with the Radian Damascus blade

DDR MM5.5 Titanium Frame lock Dagger blade

This is a MM5.5 DDR Custom with hand ground, Hand rubbed satin finished blade and handles. Bayonet Dagger blade assisted open

AXD 5.5 Expendables and the AXD 4 Expendables features and feel

A good look at the two knives in the hand. I will show you the features and all the goodies about these great knives.

Darrel Ralph Krait Movie knife

One of the fixed blade Krait knives from the movie

Darrel Ralph MM3 2014 TKI M390 Damascus core blade

This is the 3 inch MM with the M390 Core Damscus Chad Nichols Blade from the 2014 TKI

Darrel Ralph Joe Perry TV show with Rachel Ray Madd Maxx 7 Inch

Rachel had Joe on her show ad he flipped that bad boy all over the place.

Darrel Ralph Gun Hammer 3.5 inch Mokuti, M390 core Steel damscus. Prototype

This is the first one ever made. It was sold at the TKI Show in Vegas - 2014. It is marked Proto. This knife packs a big knife punch in a small package. The blade length is 3.5 inches, and the frame is a sculpted to fit your hand. We will be making these in in several materials including, Titanium Frame, Mokuti Frame, Damascus Frame, and the Twin Material (dual Material on one frame side) frames. Blade steels like S35VN and other hard use steel blades, Damascus, Core Damascus will be offered. Assisted open or MG Bearing Blade opening System.

Darrel Ralph New Gun Hammer Frame Titanium Frame lock

Hi All This is the new Ti frame lock the Carbon Fiber OR G10 Front that you all have been asking for!!